Bitcoin Mining Heat Used to Grow 5 Acres of Fruit

The biggest concern when it comes to cryptocurrency mining is the environmental impact and wasted energy. This has been a much debated topic but Blockchain startup is planning to harness the wasted heat and energy and put it towards good use… growing edible crops namely tomatoes.

On March 10, Kamil Brejcha made a Twitter post that staff harve designed and build specially designed housing for Bitcoin servers which harness the excess heat and sends it directly to greenhouses currently growing tomatoes.

The project is currently in the prototype phase but will soon be accompanied by a new business called Agritechture. The project has been working on the down low but has now produced its first five acre greenhouse full of tomatoes.

Bitcoin mining is still in its infancy and by no means is perfect, but it has become a very lucrative industry which now may become even more lucrative for some farmers. However, with real world applications comes new opportunities to harness the biowaste in what is called the “energy cycle loop”. Many small time miners are already designing and harnessing the wasted energy to heat their homes during the winter months.

We look forward to seeing how the Agriculture can further develop their business and hopefully bring it to general agriculture on a larger scale.

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